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Why Aren't You Sweet Like Me??

Why Aren't You Sweet Like Me cover In the autumn of 1939, Camille “Honey” Shaughnessy is attending St. Louis University, determined not to fall into the familiar pattern of date, marry, stay home with children, and create a life of unfulfilled possibility. Honey consents to an evening with new friends; although this outing turns into a blind date, she finds herself intrigued by Don Shepard, the heir to an urban rose plantation and a water polo player. However, the dual perspectives in Why Aren't You Sweet Like Me prove that the typical situation is not as transparent as it seems. Don is not the archetype of a brooding hero that Honey has been taught to yearn for; still, in a world controlled by men who would seek to possess her, Honey must abide by the rules in order to break away. And as World War II looms and conscription rumors are prevalent, Honey faces her brother’s choice to enlist in the Army Air Corps while Don joins the infantry.

photo of a letterWhile tortured by his monstrous commanding officer and overwhelmed by obligations to his men and duty, Don risks losing the woman who makes him whole. Jealousy, heartache, temptation, and mortal danger feed turmoil into their relationship, even as the war endeavors to physically divide them. Bound by the threat of the front lines in France and the prospect of childbirth, the marriage twists into one dominated by longing and confusion.

Based on the true story and constructed from the contents of over 130 letters (dating from 1938 to 1944), telegrams, military records, and recorded interviews, Why Aren't You Sweet Like Me is a historically accurate narrative, teaching what Don always said: “Love is the big thing.”

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